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Property Management

Management of Public Use Property

 Drafting, amendment, abolishment, promulgation and transferring of laws, regulations and orders about property management.
 Designating and changing administration authorities of municipal land.
 Processing property donation.
 Appropriation, borrowing and calling back, or crossing-utilization of municipal property.
 Scrapping, dismantling, loss, damage, transferring and compensation of municipal  property.
 Changing public use property to non-public use property.
 Handling other public property affairs.
 Management of Non-public Use Property
 Leasing, selling, terminating leasehold, transferring leasehold, withdrawing leasehold of municipal land.
 Appropriating non-public use property to various authorities or agencies for use as public use property.
 Proposals from municipal property review committee.
 Rent collection and account cancellation of municipal land on lease.
 Submission of land and house taxes on non-public use real estate and charges on  benefits of public construction.
 Delivery of proposals concerning disposal procedures of municipal land to City  Council for deliberation.
 Applications for division, field inspection, boundary delineation, re-surveying,  topographic adjustment or consolidation of land.
 Applications to pay by installments for real estate sold.
 Consultation of preferential rights of purchase.
 Rent reduction for municipal land on lease.
 Cadastration Management
 Property information management and related matters.
 Compilation and examination of quarterly reports and master catalog of municipal properties.
 Verification of property handover between old and new heads of municipal authorities and schools.
 Preparation of master list and payment bills for rent of municipal land and usagecompensation.
 Management of ownership certificate of municipal land.
 Issuance of certificate for transfer of real property rights and land rights.
 Inspection of unregistered land.