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Monetary Management

Management of Government-owned Shares 

 Apply the "Rules Governing Reinvestment by State-owned Enterprises before Privatization and Management of State-owned Shares after Privatization" to representative directors and supervisors of the government.
 Appraise and manage them according to the "Guidelines for Management of Investment in Government-owned Shares of the Bank of Kaoshiung by Kaohsiung City Government".
 Supervision and Management of Basic Financial Institutions
 Handling changes of registration of credit cooperatives and issuing seal certificates.
 Supervising credit cooperatives on convening of legally regulated meetings and on election of director (chairman) and employees' representative.
 Providing counseling service in conjunction with the cooperative bank for basic financial institutions, which conduct businesses legally, actively clear overdue debts, make sufficient allowance for bad debts and seek to build a comprehensive
 Examination of marketable assets of basic financial institutions.
 Advising on the re-structuring of credit cooperatives into commercial banks, or  their merger with commercial banks.
 Supervision of the Collateral Office's Operation
 Supervision of the pawnshop business in compliance with laws and regulations, for performing the functions of mediating private-sector economy and serving the society.
 Management of Lotteries
 Handling the centralized issuance of lottery tickets and related matters.
 Striving for designation of the Bank of Kaohsiung as issuing institution of computerized lottery tickets.
 Management of Tobacco and Alcohol
 Management of investigation, seizure, labeling, advertising and marketing, etc. of tobacco and alcohol.
 Confiscation and seizure of tobacco and alcohol for storage in warehouse, destroying, selling through tender; collection of fine; compulsory execution and granting of incentive money.
 Management of undenatured alcohol.
 Acceptance of applications for establishment of breweries by farmers or indigenous peoples.