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Financial Administration

Important decisions relating to financial affairs

 Financial Management Important decisions relating to financial affairs
 Approval and coordination of special financial projects.
 Regulations for handling advance payment by all levels of government.
 Granting of petty cash to authorities and agencies.
 Supervision of centralized payments.
 Driving private investments by interest and rent subsidies, activating business opportunities, increasing employment, and spurring the city's economy.
 Management of Municipal Treasury
 Acting for Municipal Treasury on specified matters.
 Coordination, liaison and examination of Municipal Treasury businesses.
 Revenue Management
 Auditing, collection and supervision of all revenue items.
 Drafting, amendment, abolishment, promulgation and interpretation of revenue-related laws and regulations.
 Coordination of the treasury money.
 Review of all fee schedules or adjustments of fee.
 Management of Receipt vouchers
 Management and supervision of usage of receipt vouchers by all authorities and agencies.
 Debt Management
 Issuance of bonds.
 Borrowing of debts and repayment of principal and interests.