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Financial Administration

Kaohsiung City Self-Government Ordinances for Governing Receipts, Expenditures, Custody and Utilization of the Private Investment Encouragement Fund

Prescribed on July 14, 2003 per memorandum no. Kao-shih-fu-cai-san-zih-di-0920037747 
Amended on July 15, 2004 per memorandum no. Kao-shih-fu-cai-san-zih-di-0930036995
Amended on June 23, 2005 per memorandum no. Kao-shih-fu-cai-yi-zih-di-0940029580
Amended on July 6, 2006 per memorandum no. Kao-shih-fu-cai-yi-zih-di-0950034148
Amended on July 23, 2007 per memorandum no. Kao-shih-fu-cai-yi-zih-di-0960036286
  • Article 1
    These Self-Government Ordinances are prescribed in order to establish Private Investment Encouragement Fund (hereinafter referred to as “the Fund”) for assisting industrial transformation, promoting local investment, and encouraging private investment in major public constructions.

  • Article 2
    Receipts, expenditures, custody and utilization of this Fund shall comply with the Self-Government Ordinances, unless otherwise stipulated by other memoranda.

  • Article 3 
    The Fund is a special fund, which prepares the budgets of its subsidiary units, with the Finance Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government (hereinafter referred to as the Government) as its competent authority.

  • Article 4 
    The sources of the Fund are as follows:
    1. Appropriations in compliance with budget procedures of the Government.
    2. The interest income of the Fund.
    3. Other incomes. 

  • Article 5 
    Those who meet one of the following conditions and have new investment amount of more than NT$30 million or have increased job opportunities for 30 or more domestic laborers within the past one year are entitled to applying for the Encouragements of Self-Government Ordinances:
    1. Strategic industries approved by Kaohsiung City Government.
    2. Those investing in the public construction of the City pursuant the Law for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects.
    3. Urban renewal businesses that implement reconstruction, renovation and maintenance within the renewal areas of the City pursuant the Urban Renewal Act.
    4. Those in other industries that upgrade the business.
    The enterprises, approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and after having establishing R&D center or global operation headquarters in the City, shall not be subject to the limitations in the preceding paragraph. 
    The encouragements of the preceding two paragraphs are the subsidies of the financing interest and the property rent of the City. 

  • Article 6 
    Industries that invest, develop, or enter and function in the Multi-functional Commerce & Trade Park, the Air Cargo Park , or the Bio-Tech Park (hereinafter referred to as the Three Parks) and that apply for the Encouragement of Self-Government Ordinances shall not be subject to Paragraph 1 of the preceding Article. 
    The applicants of the preceding paragraph are restricted to those approved by the Kaohsiung City Review Committee for Encouragement of Private Investment (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”) on operating logistics, software, air cargo, bio-tech or other relevant industries and those eligible for preferential rental rates by following the 006688 Expanding Rental/Sales Program of Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, or relevant development projects of government agencies, as approved by the Executive Yuan, upon the accordance of the land leasers within the Three Parks.
    The Encouragement item of Paragraph 1 is the subsidy of the financing interest, the property rent of the Three Parks and the house tax of the buildings built or bought by the applicants in the Three Parks.

  • Article 7 
    The applicants of the preceding two articles who have already applied for relevant subsidies from the Government in accordance with other laws shall not be applying for the Encouragement of the Self-Government Ordinances. 
    A Committee shall be established to review the amount and term of the interest, rent, tax subsidy as well as to review and validate the industry qualifications. The Competent authority shall separately determine its organization and the enforcement regulations of deliberation.

  • Article 8 
    The Fund may be used for the following purposes: 
    1. The encouragement facts in Article 5 and Article 6.
    2. The expenses needed for managing the Fund.
    3. Other relevant expenses.

  • Article 9 
    The Fund shall be subsumed under the Municipal Treasury of the City Government and centrally disbursed. A specific account shall be established and the Fund shall be used rotationally.

  • Article 10 
    Preparation, execution and final financial statements of the annual budget and accounting handling shall be conducted in compliance with the relevant directives and regulations.

  • Article 11 
    Surplus in the annual final accounts of the Fund, if any, shall be kept in the Fund.

  • Article 12 
    The Fund shall be settled when its operation ends; any balances and interest shall be transferred to the Municipal Treasury of the City Government.

  • Article 13 
    The Self-Government Ordinances shall come into force as of the date of promulgation.