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Financial Administration

Directions on Pay Day (including Bonuses) of Subordinate Authorities and Schools of Kaohsiung City Government and the Contingency when It Falls on Holidays

December 4, 1996 Kao-Shi-Fu-Tsai-1-Tzu No. 47733 Letter of Kaohsiung City Government
  • Authorities and schools of Kaohsiung City Government have their pay day on the1st day of each month, except for situations stipulated as follows:
    In case of natural disasters and when holiday announcement is made, leading to operational delay, the pay day will be postponed to the next working day.
    If the Chinese New Year Eve falls on any date between January 27 to January 31, salaries and allowances of February will be dispensed three days before the New Year Eve; if holiday adjustment (flexible holiday) is arranged, salaries will be dispensed on the last working day before the New Year holiday.

    Year-end bonuses (comfort money) are to be dispensed in a lump sum according to the dispensing time stipulated in the Regulations of Dispensing Year-end Bonuses (Comfort Money) to Servicemen, Civil Servants and Teachers as approved by the Executive Yuan.

    If salaries, allowances and bonuses are dispensed by means of direct transfer to the accounts through an entrusted financial institution, the direct transfer and depositing operation shall be in accordance with the "Guidelines for Direct Transfer of Salaries for Staff of Subordinate Authorities and Schools of Kaohsiung City Government."