Organization:Director-general>Depuly director-general>Chief secretary-general-head offfice director-general deputy director-general chief secretary-general Senior Executive Officer financial management division taxation, banking management division tobacco, alcohol management division public asset management division city property management division city property development division disbursement division secretariat accounting office personnel office civil service ethics office Revenue Service Office,Kaohsiung City collateral office

History of Finance Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government

The Bureau was formerly the Bureau of Finance of Kaohsiung City Government, Taiwan Province. As the City was upgraded to centrally administered city in July 1979, the Bureau underwent restructure accordingly. The new Bureau was officially inaugurated pursuant to the Executive Yuan’s letter Tai-68-Nei-Tzu No.6133 dated June 25,1979. It consists of four divisions, four offices and subsidiary agencies such as the Revenue Service Office, and Collateral Office, etc.